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Hi Team,

I have not received a response on the below situation, anyone have any ideas? Thanks

I have a customer that has an application for the Talk2M web app, but is running into some issues trying to connect to one of his devices.

From the talk2m webapp, he is trying to go to his HMI URL, this works, but the HMI auto-redirects the browser to the URL:”

Upon being redirected, The Talk2m webapp logs out, goes to the login page, and the Account field is filled with “FTVP”

Im guessing this has to do with how redirects are handeled in talk2mweb, Or the way special characters are handeled in the URL,

Anyways, do you guys have any thoughts on how to get around this.

It appears the HMI redirected URL, is auto generated, and there isnt a clear way to change it.

Michael Ross


Hi Michael,

Just to make sure, has your customer made changes in this area to redirect the URL?


Hi Tim,

No, the Main / Identification page looks exactly as yours does.


Michael Ross

Application Engineer



Hi Ross, one thing he could do is go onto eCatcher and make the following changes

  • Right click on the device and go to properties

  • Go to configure LAN Devices

  • Set up the IP address on the device, make sure it’s visible in M2Web and you can choose which protocols it will respond to


  • Next you should see a blue URL that will redirect you to the HMI once you disconnect and reconnect to the device on eCatcher


Alternatively, he could create a ViewON page and then have a button on that page that could redirect to the HMI’s homepage.


Hi Michael,

I was talking with some colleagues and they were wondering if you could provide us with account information so they could take a closer look at this case?

I’ll make the post private so that you can post the account info.




Michael Ross

Application Engineer



Hey Michael,

I just heard back from them. They’re saying that unfortunately connecting through M2Web is not possible for HTML5 PLCs. However this is possible using a phone app Ecatcher Mobile.!