RE: You were included on topic 12080 on


I lied my username is engineer12 and it says I don’t have access to that topic when I click on the link



Which topic were you trying to view?


I sent a question to support and they sent me an email to set up an account with a comment of “Your email was included in a recent submission to” and a link that is labeled “Topic”. When I click on it I get “Sorry you don’t have access to view that topic”. I guess now I will just browse the Anybus Gateway forum for my a similar question and submit my own if it doesn’t exist. If they aren’t going to answer questions emailed to support they should at least instantly send an email saying so and also suggesting to set up a forum account.


Hi @engineer12,

It looks like there was some mixup with how we received the email. It should be corrected now and you should have access and be able to respond to it.