Reached the Data upload/VPN traffic

Hello, we have received this message from Talk2M Pro Administrator

You have reached the Data upload/VPN traffic limit on your Talk2M account for 2 month(s):

We have introduced a 3 month grace period to allow you to monitor and adjust your consumption within the limits of the Talk2M Free+ plan. If you go over the limits for 3 months in a row, your account will be permanently capped and going over the limits will no longer be possible.

We do not know from where you consume this vpn for the account that you detail. In our service platform we use two accounts, with one we make queries to EWON devices through talk2M, in the other we have not yet developed any queries via webservice.

The account with which they tell us that we have reached the limit is not the one with which we work with the talk2M webservices, so we do not know how the VPN data limit has been consumed.

Can you help us to know why this limit has been reached?



Your connection history as well as the amount of data that was consumed during each connection should be able to be viewed here: