Read 4-20mA values


I have the FLX 3402 card, and and I want to read 4-20mA values in real time on one of the AI input



Are you asking how to setup the FX3402 to read an analog value?


sorry I have the card FX3402 and on the floor I want to read the values in mA




Depending on which one you’re trying to read from you should be able to read in Analog Input values by doing something like the following:

  • Create an eWON Tag and set the server name to eWON
  • Set the Address to AI followed by the number corresponding to the input.

Let me know if you have any questions,



Hello again
you do not understand my question, I want to read the output value of my 4-20mA transmitter connect with the analog input of the FX3402 board in mA, (I already configured the AI1 input in 4-20mA) see the pictures here -joint
thank you for your support


You should be able to set a scale like below