Read Data from Atlas copco Elektronikon II

Dear Expert,
We have brought 2 gateway AB7312-B. I have configure the gateway test it but data is not coming to Response data frame. but when I check by the CAN listener I saw some data is there. Also CAN ID(Hex) is different.
In Diagnostic/Status CAN state is: Error Active.Is there any terminating resistor required in gateway side?
Atlas copco Node ID is 4. And I set the can Identifier as 23in query and 24 in response.
please check the attachment.

ANY bus1.hcg (3.3 KB)


Hello @Farid_Pramanik ,

Error active means there were a few error on the bus but not enough to cause issues. if you are seeing data on the bus you can typically ignore this.
can_faq:can_faq_erors - CAN Wiki (

If you are not seeing data int eh monitor from a response typically something in the data does not match your consume message. In your case as you pointed out the CAN ID is not what you have configured in the consume. So the device is looking for a message with CAN ID 0x24 but not seeing one.

I would also verify if you need 29 bit CAN ID’s it looks like you are receiving only 11bit CAN ID’s

For a more though look into your issues I recommend submitting a support ticket though This will get you in contact with someone on you local support team.

Dear deryck_hms,
Is my CAN identifier is ok? I have set it as 8NodeID+3 for query and 8NodeID+4 for Response . Atlas copco controller Node ID is 4. so query set as 0x23 and 0x24 as response.
Please check it.

Hello @Farid_Pramanik ,

I am not sure what you are asking here. Please open a support case on