Reading tags from the S71200 PLC

Hello, I had difficulty reading data from my Siemens s71200 PLC via the Ewon Flexy 205 I/O server. I am connected to PLC via the Ewon, so no communication problem.

PLC adress
Ewon adress

I/O server configuration.

Tag Configuration.

Address Tag In PLC.

Please what is the problem?


Can you provide a backup with support files of the unit? This can be done using ebuddy while connected to the Ewon unit. I would like to look over the configuration and event logs for a move complete picture.


Hello, Attached is the backup file.



Is the Tag Siemens a Double word or Float?

For the addressing you have it set to as Double word, and the tag is set up as a float. They will need to match for connection.


Hello, the variable type is real, I tried all the variable types, and it always the same problem.
I tried a boolean variable, it doesn’t work either.


If it is a real value, then Boolean will not work.

Given the address of the value, i would try using a Double Word Type. Also, ensure you refresh the screen and set the Tag window to View Mode.

Infact, I deleted the (real) variable real, and I configured a new variable (boolean peripheral input), it didn’t work.
I tried DW variables, still same results,
I think I have to enable a setting in TIA to allow communication.
I’m looking for that.

Good, Finally I found the problem which blocks the communication of the values. Access must be enabled on TIA with PUT/GET communication from remote partner.
Thank you for your support. :pray:


I am glad you were able to get the communication functioning.