Reading TCP Modbus from Contrlel EMI-10-L

I have some UPS systems that have several EMM-uD3h meters that are sending native Modbus to the Contrel EMI 10L which translates to TCP Modbus. What would be the best scenario to get the data from the meters in ARGOs? Can I simpyl beuild a template to read the TCP Modus from the EMI-10L or must I get readings from each individaul EMM-uD3h meter via native RTU Modbus? Apologies, I am an IT Manager who has little experience with modbus or power generators yet have been tasked with getting the EC360 configured. Also using an X300 for temp sensor and AC control. Would love to incorporate that as well.

Hello @mattwoodard,

I am not familiar with any of the device you mentioned but I am familiar with modbus and the Netbiters and argos.

If the EMI 10L is a modbus TCP server you should be able to read the data directly from that device. So you would need to just setup a template for that device and add it as a modbus TCP device to the configuration.

If the X300 is a modbus TCP device on the same subnet you would be able to add this as a separate device and read data from it as well.

Deryck, I am pretty sure I am getting data from the 10-L to the EC360 however the template/profile process seems confusing. Is there any good documentation on how this all flows?

Maybe I will need a support session over the phone or via zoom in the near future. I have all of the register values I am looking to monitor but cannot for the life of me figure out how to get a template/profile/dashboard built so that I can visualize the data.

Sorry, Just a regular Network Admin thrown into the modbus monitoring world. Once I have this one test unit figured out we plan on getting 60 additional units.


Matt Woodard

I recommend taking a look at the Argos user manual.

A template is a layout of what can be read off of a device. You would then setup a device in the Netbiter to specify what IP address and Node id. Then in the device you would setup parameters. The parameters tell the netbiter what to do with the template. For example a log parameter tells it what to log and when.

A device can be setup either directly on the netbiter or in a Profile. A profile creates a reusable configuration with a template and parameters all combined. These can be shared between accounts and reused on multiple devices. I doing everything in a profile then adding a device to the netbiter with the profile.