Reboot by SMS


Is it possible to reboot an Ewon by sending an SMS with the text “reboot”?

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This is not something you would be able to do with a Cosy. With a Flexy you can write a script to reboot the Flexy using the ONSMS function and smsread function.

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I work with the Flexy so this is no problem.
With the ONSMS and smsread I know I can read the message, but what is the script/action for the triggering of the reboot? Or can you provide me a link where I can find more info about it? Because I don’t find this acton in the standard programming documantation I think.


Using the command REBOOT in the script will have the Flexy reboot.

We don’t have a script example for rebooting the Flexy but here are some on how it can read the sms.