Reboot reason: Watchdog in process (opcuacom)

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I get Reboot reason: Watchdog in process (opcuacom) error after 3 min 45 seconds after power up, which causes the EWON to reboot.

I am reading 5 tags via OPCUA from a S7-1200 Siemens PLC to the EWON FLEXY. If I disconnect the PLC, the EWON starts up fine but as soon as I try powering the EWON on with the PLC connected, it fails on the above error. I am able to start the EWON and plug the PLC in after it has booted up, but this is not practical.

I have attached my project. Please assist

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Kevin Love



Hi, please see my backup with the same problem.

I have created a new post with the error.

Hi Kevin,

For this issue please open a ticket at

Your local support team will be able to assist.


I have the same issue with Ewon Flexy rebooting: “Reboot reason: Watchdog in process (opcuacom)”

Was a solution found?

I believe there was a firmware update which addressed this. Which firmware version are you running?

I was with 14.6, then I upgraded to 14.7s0PR2. But the issue remains

OK. In that case you should create a support case at so it can be escalated to the developers. Please send them the backup of the Ewon with support files and a description of the problem.

The only other thing I could suggest would be to try to increase the poll interval as it could be too quick or too much data for the memory.

I have the exact same problem with flexy 205 FW: 14.7S2, and I already sent the ticket, but is there any known solution for this issue?

Franklin from HMS responded to your ticket about 5 hours ago. He said there was no OPCUA watchdog error in the logs and I have confirmed this.

Please respond to Franklin’s email. We are no longer monitoring this site and it will be changed to read-only.

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