Red Light blinking on 2 MH-AC-WIFI-1

I have 2 Intensis ac Control (MH-AC-WIFI-1) for Mitsubishi. Since yesterday both do not work anymore. A red Light is blinking. Wifi Router say that the ac Controls are connected to the Wifi and I can reach the Webportal of both over there IP-Adresse which ist given to them from the DHCP of the Wifi Router. There are no Filters configured in the Router (AVM Fritz Box Cable 6490).
Are there any Problems with the Cloudserver?

Thank you for Help

Thomas Koerner


Over the weekend, the AC Cloud Control servers experienced connectivity issues. This has affected the communication with your Intesis units. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused. If your device has not restored communications by now, then power cycle the unit. Once the Intesis unit reboots, it will establish connection to our servers once again.

Intesis is currently preparing a report with analysis of the problem. Once this has been released, I will follow up with you an update.

Please let me know if you are experiencing further issues with your Intesis unit.

meanwhile the ac Cloud Controller are connected.
Is it Not possible that you write in Future on your Website or in this Bullitinboard when there is a Problem with the cloud? I wasted a lot of time to verify where the Problem is!

Thank you!

Thomas Koerner