Redirect to a html page in special forms

Hello all,

I created a HTML pages with various forms in each calls a basic function, when I submit to execute a basic command line it redirected by default this page that confirm the execution of the command (see image below)
What I want is to to stay in the same form page, There is an example in eWON Reference Guide ( ) that use a hidden input with a ResultPageOk redirection ( see the next image )

For me, I specified the html page as in the example but it doesn’t work, the next image illustrate the html code to render to a /usr/test.shtm page
the result still the success page

Is there another solution ?
any thoughts are welcome

Hi @Raoua,

Could you share the page you are using for the form submissions so I can test it? Setting the value to redirect back to the same page should just trigger a redirect. You could also look into opening it up in a new tab or possibly a hidden iframe, However I do not think modern browsers support iframes anymore.


Hello @deryck

You will find below the submission form testReport.html (2.6 KB)
I don’t see the iframe could be the solution if it doesn’t supported by the modern browsers

Thanks in advance

Hi Raoua,

I am not sure why the results page does not work, but you can achieve a similar result by introducing a little java script and using a alert message. Here is an example.

example.html (469 Bytes)

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