Are you experiencing some issues today with your relay.talk2M server? I have several systems that I did not get my scheduled email from. I went online and they say that they were sent but nothing was received. I checked my spam filter and there was nothing in it. I have some systems that send an email at midnight and some that send at 7am. The midnight emails came through but the 7am emails did not.

Hello Mike,

If the status in the scheduled actions shows it it was sent this tells us the email server received the message and responded back to the ewon. The issue could be between the relay server and your email server.

In my testing I did see some issues related to a gmail address not receiving the email. I am reaching out to the Intesis team to futher investigate.

What email provider are you using? Is Can you test sending an email to another email address?


I have the same problem today. I have two Flexys set up to email upon a alarm, both were working yesterday. For some reason today, I am not getting any mail from the SMTP mail server Is there a problem with emails? The Scheduled Actions log show success for the email function. This was working. I reset the flexy with no change.

Hi David,

We have no official report of an issue but i have seen some issues at least with gmail. What email provider are you sending emails too?


I am using your Talk2M service with Verizon. I use Verizon on all my systems and a few of the emails came though but not all of them.

Different ones. I am on Yahoo mail, but my customers are on their own email providers. It’s really strange…

One customer did receive one email out of the three sent today, but only one. I haven’t received any. I have a test alarm set up so I can toggle an internal memory bit in the Flexy to send me an email. I have yet to receive one from either Flexy.

Both of these were working yesterday.

I’m also seeing this issue with 9 Flexys. I have not received any email from either of them since 8am. As stated before, these have been working great up until the morning of 7/22/20.

The development is looking into a possible issue I will follow up here once I have any further information I can share.


Today I not received any emails from 14 different units.

I have not heard back from the development team but I was able to test this and have received several email alarms.


Just forced a scheduled email and the log for scheduled action said success but I did not receive the email.

Same issue here. The email just stopped yesterday. They are shown as sent in the Event logs.
Hope they find a solution to this.
Thank you.

Hey Mike.
Thank you for starting this thread! I’m glad to see it is happening to more people than I. This proves there is an issue and they need to fix it ASAP!
There’s no telling how many more people out there that are experiencing the same issues but just haven’t checked here.
Thanks again.

This issue looks most likely tied to office365 with their email server limiting emails from the relay.

Could everyone let me know what email servers they are using?


I hope they get it fixed fast! I have customers that rely on this for alarms and to prevent sewage from backing up into houses. Some I have on cellular and some are hard wired to a local internet provided and none of my units are sending emails. This is definitely on eWon’s end of things or some of my units would be working.

Microsoft Outlook and Office 365.



I’m using office365, but this has never been an issue for the last 10 months. Just started yesterday.


From what we have seen so far the issue is related to office 365 limiting email from A request has been made to allow list the relay. We are waiting for confirmation from Microsoft.


I have been using this format for the past 2 years on Office365 and prior to that my units have been emailing me for 8 years without a problem. I agree that this started yesterday.



Any idea how long this is going to take to resolve? I have a customer that is getting rather impatient. I have one installed for them to monitor water level in a coal mine and alert them if the water table is rising. If the water level rises they need to speed up a pump or evacuate their personnel.