I’m not using any Office 365 or Outlook for email.

We do not know how long it will take Microsoft to resolve this issue.

You could configure the ewon to send though a third party smtp relay. however the ewon does not support TLS or SSL email relays, and the email relay would need to be setup accordingly.


I would hope that you keep the pressure on Microsoft to get this resolved. Please notify me when it is.



I don’t remember that in the sales presentation from eWON.


You could sign up for a free relay such as Im not recommending them but they one of the results on google that offered a free tier smtp. Once you signed up they offer a API login and password for an SMTP relay.

This is what the setup on the flexy looks like

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If I decide to do this, which I really don’t want to, then on the Email “From” Username:… is this the username that I use to login to my devices with?

Just to let everyone know, the issue must have been resolved. I received all of the emails that did not get delivered the last two days and it appears to be working now.




It sure if the others see it, but it seems like the email issue has been resolved!
Thank you very much!

It looks like things are working again. What did they do to get it fixed?

As you all have reported the issue is resolved and you should be receiving email addresses.

The issue was related to other providers refusing emails from the relay. More info is available on the ewon status page.

@HarleyMan2017, The “from” field is the email address seen in the header of the email and where an email will be directed if you hit reply. This is not directly related to the ewon.


Same here.
Thank you Deryk for the support.

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Yes, thank you Deryk for the support. It is nice to get some real support from anyone today. Love those Ewons!

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Yes sir! Many thanks from my customers and I on getting this resolved quickly!

This problem was corrected at of 4:45am CDT today for us, but is currently happening again.
We sent out a number or e-mail reports at 9:00am today which have not been received.

Hello @mitchell.hein,

I sent myself a few test email alarms though and was able to receive them to my inbox though office 365. What email service are you using?


Not working today both for gmail and ms office email service.

I am putting in a request to have development take another look. I will follow up tomorrow with more info .


Mine has been working fine since they fixed it. Check your spam. I had to mark them as being safe.

Well, it’s happening again. As of this morning I am not getting emails again. Same status as before. The logs all show that the emails we sent successfully but none of them came through. The last email that I received was from one of my units that sends an email at midnight last night.