Remote acces eWON Flexy



We’re using an eWON Flexy205 for polling PLC data and sending it to a cloud. Our customer also wants to access his HMI remotely via the eWONs VPN connection. However, I’m not able to access it if the VPN connection is established. Could you please advise here?


  • The HMI runs on a server connected to the LAN side of the eWON and can usually be accessed via browser (IP: The eWONs LAN is in the same subnet and the WAN connection is set to DHCP (4g modem).

  • NAT on LAN (plug&route)

  • Nat 1:1 enabled:

  • eWON IP (in ebuddy)

  • security setting:


Alexander Ubl


Hi Alexander,

Can you reach the HMI if you’re not doing the NAT 1:1 mapping?


Hi Tim,

You mean by establishing VPN with eCatcher and then typing (HMI IP) in the browser? This didn’t work.

Is it supposed to work like this?

Did I use the correct mapped IP for the NAT1:1? (used the same subnet as the ewon IP via VPN)





Hi Alexander,

You should be able to ping the LAN side of the device once you’re connected through eCatcher, can I try and take a look at this device over teamviewer?