Remote access


I need to be able to access the ewon flexy 205 remotely. currently I have a cellular card configured - in the past I have enabled remote logon by changing WANItfProt:2 and used the IP address given.

Is there something else I need to do to be able to log in remotely to an ewon getting its internet access through a cellular modem??

Im leaving for Mexico to install this Monday so quick assistance would be very appreciated.



Are you trying to access the PLC’s behind the remote device?

Are you using eCatcher for the remote connection?


Im trying to log into the ewon router to setup tags etc - when its on my desk I just enter the IP address and I can log in and work on the router. When Im using the WAN port I can do the same thing as long as I allow access using the WANItfProt:2 setting then Im using the WAN IP address to get access to the router over the internet.

Now Im not using the WAN connection I have a cellular modem and I just want to get into the ewon to setup the tags remotely. No im not using ecatcher.



You will need to use eCatcher to access the device remotely. Unfortunately, due to the cellular connection, it will be very difficult to determine the WAN connection IP.

Is there a specific reason why you are not using eCatcher?


You should be able to use the M2Web web page method to also connect to Flexy unit if the VPN is setup.



You are correct with M2Web. However, eCatcher is consistently updated. Due to the swtich from M2Web to eCatcher, we have not been active with updates to M2Web.

If the connected with m2web is not acgive, then there is a internet connectivity issue that will need to be addressed. Does the device show online within m2Web?