Remote.bas - URGENT


Hi team!
i need to transfer via ftp in my ewon the remote.bas file to set the values of some tags, but when i try to transfer it, i have an error in filezilla:
426 One shot failed

in the ewon event log i have this:
13/06/2019 07:40:00 28607 secu-Operation failed ftps
13/06/2019 07:40:00 20202 eer-The buffer passed to the procedure is too small ftps

maybe my remote.bas is too big? is there any size limit ?
i need to set about 300 tags values

if i try with a small remote.bas , i have no errors




If you’re looking to create tags, then I think that var_lst.txt, or var_lst.csv is the document that you’re looking for.

I think the posts below should help


hi Tim,

the tags are already created in ewon, i need to set the values of these tags via filezilla; the tags are 300, so with the remote.bas i can’t because i’ve found on the manual that is size limited (max 3000 bytes)

so i’m trying to set my tags via inst_value.txt and:

if i try to set 250 tags it’s work perfectly

if i ty to set all my tags (about 400) the ewon reboot due to ftp server watchdog;

if you want to replicate this, try to create 400 mem tags in the flexy (various types, 100 string, 100bool,100float,100int), then download via ftp the inst_value.txt , change some tag value in the txt, upload the txt via ftp in ewon;

my ewon flexy 201 with last firmware 13.2s1 after a couple of second reboot…



Could you just split it in half and do the first 150 for one of the inst_value.txt and then do the second 150?