Remote brwosing sub net - Allen Bradley


Hi, I have a Cosy 131 on site. I can log in to PLC’s via my laptop (I believe because I have accessed locally when I’m There). Today I have set everything up on a desktop in my office with ecatcher/plc software etc. When I go online with Cosy, I cannot browse network via RS linx, it will not show available PLC’s for me to create the patch.

Am guessing if I took desktop to site, hooked up locally it would then work.

Is there any reason I cannot browse to find plc’s IP’s through Linx via Cosy?

Any thoughts?

Thanks, Steve


Hi Steve,

When you’re connected to the cosy 131 is your PLC responding to pings?


Hi Tim,

Yes, just tried it


Can you try this PLC discovery doc and see if that fixes it?


Sure. I’ll let you know how it goes



Done all this, no success.

When I go to ‘who’s active to go online’ in RS Linx, I just get all red cross. The IP address of the Ewon flashes in the list though which seems odd, unless that’s cause it is broadcasting to??

It’s frustrating as I connected to this yesterday for my first remote support outing and it worked fine.


No joy


these documents are a little dated but they show another way to connect if plc discovery doesn’t seem to be working. There should be 2 pdfs at the bottom

If it’s still not working after that can we jump on and take a look through teamviewer