Replacing a 1788-EN2DN

We use Ethernet explicit messaging to access Instances 100,101, 103 and 150 of Rockwell 1788-EN2DNs. The Rockwell product has been discontinued and we no longer have access to Instance 103 to control the run/idle state of the DeviceNet scanner. We are trying to use Anybus AB7607s in place of the 1788-EN2DNs and are not having success. Is documentation available that lists what Instances exist? I see 100 and 150 in the standard EDS and need access to 101 and 103.

It may be possible to change this by modifying the default 64h to 65h or 67h but I may need to confirm this with a colleague over in Sweden

In our existing configuration we use 64H to read input assembly, 65H to read DNET status (Device Failure Table), 67H to read and write the run/idle command and 96H to write the output assembly. Our goal is to have a direct replacement for the 1788-EN2DN which we have over 100 in service.

Hello Derek,
Since this is a different Gateway I would expect us to have different instances. The assembly objects of the gateway are availabe on page 62 of the Userguide PDF.

Are you trying to use the CIP Routing capabilities that the device has? You can pass explicit messages through the gateway to access the Devicenet device directly.

Attached is a file showing the connection in EIPscan with a message going through the gateway with an unconnected message (Get Attribute Single) for the vendor ID. You can see in the Network Path ‘3’ is the port number for the DeviceNet interface and ‘7’ is the DeviceNet MACID.
You might be able to use the same process to get data directly from you Devicenet device.

Thanks for this. I see the command register is available in the output instance instead of a separate instance as the current device has. I was looking for direct replacement which I now see want be available. The write-thru capability is intriguing but if I am to develop a new method am I using the correct anybus device? Perhaps I should be looking at a newer device?

Hi @mcfarlde

I was speaking with Deryck and he let me know that you’ve been working on this with our colleagues in Sweden. He should be able to help you with figuring out this setup.


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