Repurposed Ewon

Hi, I have a customer with a Flexy that has been repurposed for a new project.

It is currently tied to an unknown Talk2M account preventing vpn setup from finishing, it receives an “access denied” error.

Is there any means of getting around this without the unknown Talk2M account? I can get any information you need off the Flexy itself.



I would submit a case at Home  · Customer Self-Service and open a case.

You will need the serial number of the Ewon unit. We can find out who has the unit registered to their account. If you can provide proof of purchase information as well. It would greatly expedite the process.

Here is the serial number:
Serial # : deleted for security

I don’t believe the admin is working for the company anymore hence part of the issue.



As stated before, i would submit a case at that link with proof of purchase information.

If you can restore the previous admins email, you can do password reset using eCatcher.