Reset Modbus TCP/RTU Transparent Gateway

I have a client that is using the Modbus TCP/RTU Transparent gateway.
using the ipconfig they are on site trying to change the IP address.
The default password ‘admin’ doesn’t work and they don’t remember changing this.
How can you reset this gateway to the factory settings. The manual does not show us this info.


We do not have a button to reset our gateways but it can typically be done by rewriting the firmware. It looks like we do not have the firmware currently available on our site. It might have been accidently removed when we updated our site a few months ago, I’ll need to look into this and get back to you once I have more info.

In the meantime can you please confirm the article number of your device. I will need this to get you the right firmware files.


Hello John,

Here is the Firmware update software for the AB7702. You will need to use a Serial cable and a Null Modem for the update. The manual included includes step by step instructions on how to perform the update but let me know if you run into any difficulties.
FW update Anybus Modbus TCP-RTU (595.0 KB)


How many max modbus RTU slaves we connect to flexy 102 using TCP-RTU converter(transperant gateway) over LAN .

Any updates on this, It very urgent.

If this is urgent, you should create a case at

The brochure says 32:

Yes, per converter (RTU to TCP)max 32 RTU Nodes we can connect to the RS 485 port

Can i connect 4 converter (TCP server)to the flexy(TCP client) and each converter have 30 RTU slaves over RS 485 side

Because i have to get the data around 100 RTU slaves using this converter