Room Temperature Only Reads Odd Values

We are testing out the INBACMIT001I000 on a Mr Slim unit, PKA-A12GA. We are reading points over BacnetIP in our Niagara system via the onsite Jace. We have noticed that the room temperature is only reading odd values, never even values. So, 75F, 77F, 79F, 81F, 83F, etc.
Is this normal?

Hi @jhcoschool,

It sounds like a Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion issue - The Mitsubishi system is using Celsius, so you lose some of the granularity on the Fahrenheit side (F = C * 1.8 + 32). This is normal.

Ok, I see. It’s using whole numbers for C, and then rounding to a whole number for F so it ends up being odd numbers. Less than ideal, but not a big deal.