RS-485 No Consume Data From Nodes

Using Anybus Communicator AB7061-C (EtherCAT to Serial) I’m unable to get a status response(Set up as Consume Data) from my node device which is a syringe pump. I am able to send commands successfully to the pumps with the following ASCII arrangement where the number is the node address: /1{command}CR

When I send a status request (just a different {command}) to one of the pumps on the RS-485 network, I would expect to see the following broadcast by the pump that gets the status request: /0`{position}CR

I can see the command/status request is correct in the node monitor but I don’t see any data coming back in from the pumps. I have tried setting it up with both Master and Generic Modes but get the same results.

Hi Ryan,

I believe we spoke on the phone yesterday afternoon and had to switch from generic to master mode because there are two different pumps so we could tie the commands and responses. We also switched from a cyclic to trigger byte update mode. I emailed you this morning about trying different timings for the message delimeter because the data you could see in the log was not being stored in the Anybus memory. Please let me know if that fixes the issue.