RS485 8 bit data bit settings



I was wondering if there is a way of changing the data bit settings for Modbus RS485? Currently I am using the flexy 202 and under the IO Server/Modbus it states that rs485 is limited to 8 bit data mode only.

Is there a different eWON that can do this or another way of using RS485 in 16 bit data mode?

Kind Regards,



Hi Raymond,

I have not hear of a 16 bit rs485 mode. Typically it will be 8 or 7 bits. With 8 being the most common. 8 bits its the only option on the Flexy.
Maybe you are thinking of the to the modbus data/addressing? This would be 16 bit or 2 bytes for one register. If needed multiple registers can be read and combined to for larger data such as a 32bit float.