RSLogix -- How to pull name / description from EDS file into tag list?

How I have names / descriptions set in my EDS file for a compactcom m40, but I do not see them populating in the tag list.

What do I need to check in the EDS file / module to ensure that descriptors / names populate with the anybus compactcom m40 module into an Rslogix/studio program.

Hello @TeslaSolar ,

As far as I know this is not possible with simply an EDS file. RSlogix would require that you have an add on profile.

Here is a doc i found on the subject in the past. Even their example EDS files only have parameters for the config object and not the IO.,60,110

Hi Deryck,
I was able to pull data values from my device through an AOP, but not the associated descriptions.


Unfortunately, I am not sure how to associate the parameters with the data pulled from the device.