S7 1200 remote acces on unmanaged ethernet switch to EC350 LAN port

I would like to romete acces an S7 1212 CPU. The S7 1212 CPU is connected to an Phoenix contact unmanaged ethernet switch and the LAN port of the EC 350 also connected to this ethernet switch.

In TIA portal i can find the IP adresses on the LAN but after that conneting online with te PLC does will not happen. This is also for the invertek FC drive and IFM vibration electronics over ethernet connected to the same ethernet switch. Only Ping the IP adresses will work.

When i connect te PLC direct to the LAN port of the EC350 connection wil be direct online.

I hope you can help us?


Frank Smet
SMET Electric
Industrial Automation and IoT

Hello @SmetElectric,

Can you provide the system ID of the device you are using I would like to review the configuration in Argos. I do not have access to the setting in Quickconnect can you share a screen shot of the connection settings?

How are you selecting the connection in TIA? Are you able to access any other device connected to the Netbiter to view any of their webpages?


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