I have problem with communinication CANOpen between S7-1215 + CM CANOpen model and Valves with communication hat (bukert 8681 with bus/CANOpen).

I already “almost” succesfully communicate with one Valve (communication hat) - I’m able to read position of the valve (Valve ID = 1) but I dont have a clue how to red information (position) from another valve (ID = 2), I see that communication between those two valves and PLC is ok (diagnostic LEDs indicator show connection status).
For the communication I use function blocks WRREC and RDREC.

If I change position of the first valve (ID = 1) I recive information to “DB_SOV_001”.sov.sov0[0]" variable and to “DB_SOV_001”.sov.sov0[1]" (the same information) but when I change position of the second valve (ID = 2) there nothing change (contro hat give a discreete digital I/O signals).

below screens from CANOpen configurator

In the future I would like to communicate with 36 same valves (with bus/Canopen bukert hats), for that case I’ll use 3x CM CAN modules, each one wil be master in CANOpen network"
CM CANOpen_1 - 16x valve (ech valve 1 byte IN / 1 BYTE OUT);
CM CANOpen_2 - 14x valve (ech valve 1 byte IN / 1 BYTE OUT);
CM CANOpen_1 - 6x valve (ech valve 1 byte IN / 1 BYTE OUT);

How can I read another valve position status?
Is it possible to connect CM Canopen modules with 3 independend CAN open networks (each CM module will be master)?

Hi @Krzysztof,

Yes, you can have multiple CANopen slaves on the bus, but they all must be on the same bus. You can’t have a master connected to multiple buses.

For more questions about this, I would recommend that you create a support case with your local office by going to support.hms-networks.com.

Hi @kyle_HMS ,

Thanks for your support,
I just created a new post as you advised me.

Best regards,

OK good. I’m sure they will be able to help you and they should be closer to your current time zone. If you want to follow up with the solution here, that would be great.