Samsung NASA interface wiring

Looking for information on the wiring, I do not have R3 and R4 in my samsung units as stated in the documentation of the intesis manual.

I have an F3 and F4 which are used to communicate withe the Samsung Thermostat

Intesis product used : INBACSAM004O000
Samsung AC VRF system interfacing with: AM032MNQDCH

Please advise on the network wiring for this combination.


Dale Koop

Hi Dale,

I’m going to have to escalate this and check with some colleagues over in Spain

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Hi Dale,

This diagram might make it easier to understand where each connection is going.

Hi Tim,

I re-wired the network from the intesis out to the outdoor unit but the program still will not let me scan for any equipment.

is there anything else I need to set up In the outdoor unit to enable the communication for the R1/R2 terminals?


Are you getting a specific error when you try to scan or what is happening when you’re scanning?

it says “unable to start scan”

wiring is between A3and A4 on the intesis and R1and R2 on the outdoor unit.

Dale Koop

Hi Dale,

Here’s what I heard back:

To properly communicate with the Intesis, take into account following considerations:

-Samsung NASA AC network allows for both automatic and manual addressing. Manual addressing of both indoor and outdoor units must be setup by Samsung installer in order that Intesis communicates properly .Manual addressing is setup by means of DIP switches in outdoor unit and using the remote controller or DIP switches in the indoor unit.

  • Samsung NASA indoor units need to be configured to accept ‘central control’. To do so, they need to be configured with so-called ‘installation option code’ in which segment 5 of this code needs to be set to value ‘1’ to allow central control.

Connect the Samsung NASAbus to connectors A3 (R1/+), A4 (R2/-) of gateway’s PortA. Respect the polarity .

Hi Dale,

I’m going to close this ticket now due to inactivity but feel free to open a new ticket and mention ticket number 61662 if you’re still having issues