SCADA using netbiter / Cosy / Flexy


I am considering using eWon products for a new installation and I have a few questions.

I have 6 remote PLC stations equipped with S7-1200 CPUs and a local windows PC running WinCC Advanced RT. I wish to setup a SCADA system with the local PC reading data from each remote station. Each connection must be permanent and simultaneous. The local PC has internet access.

  1. Can I use a netbiter at each remote location to achieve this task?
  2. Would a Flexy or Cosy be a better choice?
  3. Do I need a paid license for this setup?

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hello Eichler,

I would advise contacting our sales department, and they will gladly go over what product is best for your needs, and what costs it would entail.

This forum is used for our US based Customers. Sales can be contacted at the following number/email:

Tel: +1 312 829 0601, option 1