Schneider Conext XW/ SCP/Combox/ AGS compatibility with CAN Communicator


We have a Schneider Conext XW inverter system configured with Schneider DAC system ( System Control Panel, COMBOX, Automatic Generator Start) that uses XANBUS and MODBUS. Our customer would like to interface the system with a CAN based controller device to auto start and stop generators. Wondering if the ANYBUS communicator would help bridge the gap between our systems and enable us to utilize the auto start and stop controller feature. If yes, how do we achieve this and what are the products we may need to purchase along with the ANYBUS communicator.



This might be possible with the AB7003 using Modbus. Is the device using serial or ethernet?

Are you able to send us the user manual for the device and the CAN controller?



Hi Kyle,

The combox has options for serial communication ( RS-485) and Ethernet. The Auto Generator Start (AGS) component of our system is tied to the XANBUS network within other Schneider Electric Devices. We would like to interface the AGS with a MIL spec Generator from Cummins (AMMPS) that speaks and understands only CAN. Hence, upon some research we found your product. Please find attached user manuals. I don’t have much information on the CAN controller, apart from the type of connector available on the Generator controls side. If there is any specific information that you need to know about the CAN controller, please do mention it. I will try to gather that information from our customer.


Conext-ComBox-Quickstart-Guide-975-0643-01-01_Rev-C_EN-NEW.pdf (4.05 MB)

conext-ags-quick-start-guide-975-0718-01-01_rev-a_eng.pdf (1.78 MB)


Hi @Sandi,

Thanks for the info. We don’t have a device designed specifically for XANBUS and I don’t have experience with it personally. That said, I can research this more because it may work over generic CAN, and if the generator uses CANOpen we could try the AB7315.

Do you have the User Manual for the generator?



Hi Kyle,

I spoke to the generator manufacturer (Cummins) and was able to get hold of their manual. Please find the same attached. If it still doesn’t answer all your questions, please do let me know as to what you are looking for specifically? I can then, direct those questions to support team at Cummins and get back to you.


AMMPS_Manual.pdf (1.16 MB)


Hi Kyle,

Just wanted to follow up and see if you had any questions or any information of a product you think might be suitable for our application.

Any information you can provide, will be very helpful for us to decide.



Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I have gone through the manuals and I’m still unsure if the AB7315 will work. This would be pretty easy if we could just use serial or ethernet to interface the AGS, but it’s the proprietary XANBUS that makes it tricky. There isn’t enough information in the Schneider documentation to determine if there is another option. I think for this application, we may have to check with Schneider and possibly do some tests so I am going to see if someone from @us_sales can arrange something. Where are you located?



Thanks for your response. And yes, we might need some information on the Modbus port on Schneider’s Combox, specifically we want to know if it can/does broadcast any message on receiving a command from AGS through XANBUS.

And we are located in Utah, United States.

Thanks again for your inputs and support.


Hi @Sandi,

I did find a document which explains all of the Modbus commands supported by a Conext XW and Combox. I’m not sure if they include the AGS commands. The device looks like a slave device. Would the Anybus potentially interface with the Combox or the System Control Panel?



Hi Sandi,

I am Andrew Winburn, an Inside Sales Engineer that supports your territory. It looks like the Cummins Generator supports J1939 CAN and we have a gateway that can help on that side but we would need to better understand the Combox side of the equation. We wouldn’t be able to support XANBUS and that appears to be their proprietary “Ethernet” connection, is that correct? For the Modbus connection, is that an RS232/485 style connector? If so, I think we would have a gateway to support the application as it could communicate to the J1939 on one end of the gateway and act as an Modbus RTU slave on the other end to communicate with the controller.

Please let me know when you have the chance and I can take a further look.



Hi Kyle,

Yes you are right, the Anybus should ideally be able to interface with the Modbus RS-485 port ( first preference) or the Ethernet port( which supports Modbus communication) on the Combox.

We do have the system control panel, combox and AGS tied together on the XANBUS network with the Conext XWs. We want to find a way to tie the signals to start and stop the generator using combox which stores the trigger parameters for the AGS starting and stopping the generator. As far as we understand the AGS provides an analog signal ( opening or closing the internal relays) based on the trigger values sensed by the conext XWs which gets sent to the combox through Schneider’s XANBUS and it in turns enables the AGS to open or close the relay contacts.

Can all these controls be achieved through the MODBUS port on the Combox, is my question to Schneider. And hopefully, that will help us identify the right product. Do let me know if I am missing something here.

Thank you very much for going out the way to help us. We really appreciate your efforts. Meanwhile, I am trying to get in touch with a technical representative at Schneider Solar support. Please do let me know if you have any questions.


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Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your email. Yes, you are correct. We have a RJ 485 port/ connection available on the Combox and we intend to use that to achieve the communication via (a gateway suggested by you). I am trying to talk with Schneider to further understand if the signals broadcasted to AGS through their Xanbus can be done using the RS 485 port. If that can be done, then we just need to identify the right product. Let me know if you have any further questions that might be helpful in identifying the product we need.

PS: Just so you guys are aware, Kyle from HMS has also been assisting us with this. Really appreciate the support from you both.



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