Scientific Display Format in Argos

I’m trying to display information in a scientific format. For example having a vacuum system that runs at 1x10-e6 torr is displayed as 0.000001. It is hard to quickly differentiate 0.0000001 and 0.00000001 and knowing amount of decimals to display, when we are only concerned about the exponential notation. Could there be an update to display information as different formats and/or an enumeration?

We don’t have a built in option to display numbers in scientific notation but you could add a scale to remove some of the zeros and then set the unit to say the notation. You could also display the data using enumeration as you suggested. You can also change the number of decimals that are shown though this does not work with your use case.

Here is a screenshot of a visualization parameter.

This can be done for both the template parameter and the device parameter (logging, visualization, alarm). If you make the change on the template this will affect every place the parameter is used. If you make the change to the device parameters it only affect that particular parameter.