SE Power meters information on GE PLC through Anybus Module -AB7013-C


Would like to display Schneider Electric Power meters information on GE PLC through Anybus module 7013-c.

I am configuring this for the first time, can any one help me with the configuration.

thank you,

Hello Jai,

A good place to start is the files and downloads page on Here you will find the installation guide along with application notes to help you with the setup. Let me know if there are any particular questions you have.


Hi Deryck,

Thanks for downloads, I configured anybus as per the given documentation, but I couldn’t see any information on GE PLC. is anything I am missing ?

Thank you,

Hi Jai,

I don’t think we have any documentation for GE PLC’s in particular. You should be able to use the GSDML file provided and add is as any other Profinet IO device to the PLC.


I added that in PLC.

Were you able to read data from it?




do we need to connect any resistors in between field device terminals to make it work ?

What field device on the serial network? You should configure the Serial bus to conform with the bus specification. We have wiring diagrams is section A.4 of the User Manual.