Send data between 2 Flexys using FTP

Hi apologies for bringing up an old conversation, but i am facing the same problem. My flexys are both inside a private network with no access to the internet. Is there any solution without m2web api? I’ve tried it with LAN and it works, but with WAN it fails most of the time.

Yes, you can do this using BASIC. You need to include authentication:

See page 91 of the BASIC manual.

You will also need to allow traffic on the WAN (Set WANitfProt in comcfg.txt to 2 for “Allow All”).

Hi Kyle,

Regarding the FTP method described in this post

SendValues Section:
PUTFTP “inst_val.txt”, “[$dtIV $ftT]”
LogEvent “Exported values to eWON B:”, 100

Does it mean we have to update all the tags in the inst_val.txt? Is there a way for one Flexy to update one tag in another Flexy via LAN?

Lets say Flexy unit B wanna to write to Tag8 in Flexy unit A via FTP without affecting Tag1-Tag7 in Flexy unit A. Can this be achieved or we need to use Modbus or OPCUA?


It won’t affect any other tags unless the tag name matches exactly.

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