Send ewon Flexy to Telegram messages

I want to send the alarms to my Telegram address, I made this script and it works well, the problem is that I receive a lot of message as long as the tag1 = 1,

IF Tag1@ = 1 THEN

how I must do so that I receive the message a single time??

Hello @Abdelaziz ,

What is calling this code? You might want to use on an ONALARM, with an alarm setup, or use an ONCHANGE to only run the code when the tag changes.


PS I updated the url you posted to remove some of the keys and account names so you don’t receive unwanted messages.

Im searching do the same example but its no possible… appeared a error code, and i dont know if my page its ok
Do you know if i can test my page in other space?
Coul you share me an example?, only for make sure.

You could try using a tool like Postman to test the url out side of the ewon.

API Client for REST, SOAP, & GraphQL Queries | Postman

Your error looks like an issue with the formatting in the call. in particular you are missing the quotes around GET try: REQUESTHTTPX a$,"GET"

Thanks… that was the problem… now is working