Send file with tcp/udp

good evening, I want to send a basic.csv file created on my sd card to my pc in tcp / udp
Can you give me an example or refer me
thank you in advance



This can be done via FTP. You would need to have an FTP server running on your PC such as Filezilla. Then using the Basic IDE you can write a script that triggers a PUTFTP call.

Info on the PUT FTP call can be found in the programming reference guide.
Here is an example that would pull the image.png file from the usr directory and put it on the FTP server in folder FTP with the name thisimage.png
PUTFTP “/FTP/thisimage.png”,"[$dtUF$uf/usr/image.png]","UN:Pass@"

Also, does the IP address need a “:21” after it? >> “UN:Pass@”

How would you program the PUTFTP destination, “UN:Pass@”, if the ftp server has anonymous authentication?