Send Historical Table by tag


I want to send a historical table, but i have several tags and i want to send a Historical table of only 5 tags. I know that I have to use $tn function but i dont know how to do it with more than one tag

Hello @EkhiMitx,

You should be able to add a second $tn to add additional tags.

Here is an example:

You could also add the tags you want to export to a tag group then set up the export to export that group. This is done with the $fl flag. $dtHT$flA will export all tags in topic A.

You can try using this helper tool to help generate a ebd.



I have a PLC that is communicating with the Ewon in Modbus TCP so all the variables that im logging belongs to the topic A.

So in the script wouldhave to make like this: “$dtHT$tn” + tag1@ + “$tn” + tag2@ …

thank you

Hi @EkhiMitx,
First to clarify this is to different option to export individual tags.

I also used the wrong term, you can combine tags into groups, not topics which are use with the IO servers. A group is set at the bottom of the tag configuration section. image with tag groups you can perform an export data on that group with $dtHT$flA would create a report with all tags set to be in group A.

You can also export by using the individual tag names. for this it is a single export descriptor, written as one string. If i had two tags with names tag0 and tag1 that i wanted to export i would use the following. "$dtHT$tntag0$tntag1"

Using tag1@ allows you to access the data in that tag as a variable in the script. in your example if you were reading tag1 as 55 and tag2 as 25 from the plc. The scrip would use those values so the descriptor would be “$dtHT$tn55$tn25 this would not be a valid descriptor

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Is the single tag download still supported?
I’ve tried on my device and it doesn’t works.
I also tried on the EBD helper but seems it doesn’t work either$dtHT$ftT$et_0$ut$st_d7$fntagHistory.txt$tnOEE_Machine1

Page 7 lists the parameters for a single tag.

The parameters on page 7 are for the data type Historical Loggin ($dtHL).
In the document there’s no $tn parameter for the historical table ($dtHT), page 8.
The solution provided by @deryck_hms doesn’t seem to work.
I don’t know if in previous release of the EBD it was suppported but as far as I know it was never possible to extract the history of single tags.

I am in the same situation. I have used all the tags groups already and I need to export another set of tags. doe the multiple tag export work? “$dtHT $tntag0 $tntag1”