Send/Receive Data INpact PIR Slave PCIe

I have INpact PIR Slave PCIe for implementing a Profinet for my sensor. I have run sample application and it runs successfully, and gets and receives data too.

Now I have to add the functionalities for my sensor in my application. I have added the SDKs (both VCI and IDL) to my application, and have connected device and can see device information but cannot figure out how to send/receive data using either of the interfaces. If anyone can guide me it would be really helpful.

My application is in C++

Hi @mnsed,

This is a very open ended question I am not sure we will be able to fully help you here on the forum. To get you in the right direction I recommend taking a look at the Software Design Guide. The Data exchange section should get you started in the correct direction.

Your project should have a application parameter tied to a ADI.