Send report to excel in csv format

Hi, I’ve just started using Flexy 205. Have set up tags, sent email alerts, and played with the BASIC programming.
I would like to send a report (for example: a tag value) at 10pm everyday to a file on a PC. The time activation I can do.
What I would like to end up with ideally is 1 file where the data is incremented a line at a time.
Day 1 on line 1/Day 2 on line - rather than generate a new file each day.
However if a new file requires generating then this may do.


I would expect that you could get the file from the PC with GETFTP then write over it with PUTFTP.
I would be interested in a little more details why you would like the file on the PC and not just generate a log report or another log on the ewon as needed.


The Flexy will not be connected by ethernet-connection at the moment will be on GSM - I was thinking if the Flexy updated a file on the PC this would save the users wishing to see the file from having to connect.
IF we get the file from the PC does the report amend the file OR over write the file. Is there a simple example of what you are suggesting?
I will be updating 6 tags every 24 hours(these give machine totals). I need to put this data in a file that the customer can see-customer will have 6 totals every day.

Have looked at the GETFTP command.
What is the syntax for a PC.
Or is it better putting the file on DROPBOX - syntax?

IF files logged on Ewon what is the easiest way to view?


I think you might be over looking the protocol layer involved with this process. The ewon can perform FTP get and FTP put requests to a PC but you would need that PC to be setup and running and FTP server. The ewon would also need access to the PC, meaning it would either need to be located on the LAN side of the ewon or on the public internet.

To use something like dropbox you would need to utilize an API . Taking a quick look it does look like dropbox has one but you would need to investigate how to use it though httpxrequest and the ewons ebd file process.

Thanks for the quick/detailed response. I have done it with DropBox some time ago - however, it sounds like I maybe making this more complicated then it needs to be.
If I start over - Customer requires:
REPORT that updates daily
REPORT needs to be easily accessible by numerous people
REPORT ideally can be transferred to Excel at some point possibly

Sorry to back track, but I am new to the Ewon and still investigating its use.


I would recommend using the Planner or an ONDATE in basic to send a daily email daily. The email can include a EBD, export block descriptor, to attach a CSV log file. The email can be sent to multiple people or a group email. This is might also be easier since you don’t need to deal with FTP or other more complicated web calls.

We have a tool here to help you create an EBD. EBD Helper (
as well as this document (


Thanks Deryck,
Much appreciated, thanks for your patience.
I’ll have a play. Probably be next week before I’ve had a proper chance to test. Cheers

Glad I could help. Have a great week.


And you