Sending specific tag values between 2 ewons


I have 2 flexys sending tag updates to each other. I am using FTP and bacis IDE. The FTP part uses the new T2M_TAGS IO server. I set this update to occur every 20 minutes which works just fine. One of the tags is an analog (float) which changes every second.

When it reaches 60 and/or 90, I would like ewon B to update ewon A even if the 20 minutes mark is not reached. I don’t want the update to miss the 60 or 90 value point without updating ewon A. How can I do this?

Can you send a back up with support files?

You can create some BASIC scripting to set up the logic that you need. That would probably be the best course of action.

I got it thank you.
I alarmed the specific value I want to send and created a BASIC ONALARM. It works fine. I guess this only works for a max of 4 values a tag since alarms are lowlow, low, high and highhigh.

What did you have in mind?


Well you can create a script that runs an ONTIMER every 10 - 20 seconds that checks the Tag values for specific range. If that range is triggered, it can send out an email notifiying someone.

You could also implement code so that it is only sent once.

If youre only doing a few tags, then your approach would be easiest.

Do you require an additional information?

I have been monitoring the system till now and it works just fine.
I guess for this type of design I did not need much.

Thank you

I am glad it was able to work for you