Serial Number was cleared!

One of my Cosy 131 is offline. I checked the log and i saw :slight_smile:
" Serial number of this eWON[eWON_] was cleared during registration for eWON******** "
I try to understand if this can explain why my Cosy 131 is not reachable via Internet.
Best regards.


It could be that the device was removed for your account.

Do you know what the serial number is?

I don’t know how to get the serial number of the device but i saw this message in the log :
" Old eWON serial number [1638-0028-22] was overwritten by [1947-0895-22] during registration for eWONeWON_DOL "

I hope it can help…

hello Zep,

It could be that the activation key is used for a different eWON unit.

Was this unit replaced on site?

As for the connection, it should not affect the connectivity of the device on site. If you can supply a backup with support files, i can verify the serial number of the unit on site.

The activation key are different for both. It’s strange because they are not link in any way and the unit wasn’t replaced on site as far as i know.

I am not on the site unfortunately … and i don’t know when i’ll be able to supply a backup with support files.


If you are able to supply the Serial number, i can check it on our end. An alternative, is to delete the entries and run the VPN wizard with a new Activation key.

Hello Zep,

Sorry, I got the serial number from the error message.

The error message won’t be the reason for the device not connecting to the internet. I would need to take a look at the event logs, which would be part of the backup with support files.

Let me know when you can get a hold of it. You can have someone on site connect to the LAN side, and use eBuddy to download it. Just ensure to include support file, so that i can have a full overview of the unit.


Were you able to get a backup with support files? I would like to review the unit for any errors.

Sorry to answer only now. I did all the procedure from the beginning (Internet, activation key, connection talk2m) and it works.
I don’t realy know what happens but it’s not really important now but if this situation come back, i’ll send you the support files for sure :slight_smile:
Anyway thank you for the help.
Best Regards

I am glad the issue was resolved.

Please let us know if you need additional assistance.