Serial Port Com Settings for AB7649-F

I cannot connect to my AB7649-F Gateway through the serial port. I have tried two different cables, almost all on the available com ports on my computer and all I get is a timeout error.
I’ve tried different baud rates as well. What are the COM settings I need to connect through the serial port?

Hello @MarkTR,

Are you connecting to the USB port on the front of the X-gateway or is this a legacy device? What software are you using?

Is the device powered on? does anything show up in the ACM x-gateway software under Online > select connection?

Hi Deryck,

Yes, I am connecting to the USB-B port on the front of AB7649-F X-Gateway. I am using Configuration Manager v The device is powered on and I can select the device when I look under Online>Select Connection and I can go online with it. When I try to upload or download, I get a timeout error after about 5 sec. The LEDs on the front of the X-Gateway are green. No faults or errors are indicated.
I saw in one of the forums that the COM port settings should be 57600,8,none,1. Is that correct?
I have tried many COM ports and many different baud rates.
I am using the cable that came with the X-Gateway.

After pressing the connect button power cycle the X-gateway then select upload/download.

That worked! I am able to upload and download.
Where in the documentation would anyone see that a reboot is part of the process?

A reboot should not be required, but we have seen some issues recently where the reboot is required. We suspect some issues with the windows drivers as it is not seen by all customers.

Understood. Thanks for the assist!

You’re welcome!