Server Communication Error

When I tried to create account on the Ecatcher for Talk2M. I filled the all details and when I click next it showed me the following error. I don’t know what that error is?
I connected the EWON Flexy 205 to internet connection via WIFI module. It is tested and established internet connection properly. Please solve the following issue.

Server communication error : PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target.


It appears that they may be doing SSL/TLS inspection on those networks, which breaks the chain of trust (certificates) between the endpoint (your PC) and our servers (T2M). In order to fix this, your IT department would have to allow you to bypass this certificate exchange interception. Please refer them to:



Thanks for the technical support. I will reach out to our IT team for this problem as per your suggestion. Hope it will work out.