Servers location and US Servers only

Where are the servers Datamailbox ?
For the firewall, can we force an IP address or domain for US/Canadian servers only ?
I don’t want to have connections to different countries in the world.

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Hi @RemiNolin,

You could limit your VPN Server to a U.S. server (We don’t have any servers in Canada). The list of servers and their locations is here:

For the API, ( and Datamailbox, I believe the servers are in London, but I’ll have to check and make sure.

Can you tell me exactly what the concern is? Is it the storing of data on a non-U.S. server, or being connected through another country, for example? Is there a specific regulation that you are trying to comply with?

It is to be connected through another country.
Our client tells us that suddenly the IP for the datamailbox API was changed, and the IP seemed to point to Ukraine. Their firewall has blocked operation with the datamailbox. He wants to find a way to ensure that the link with the datamailbox server is in the United States.
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I can assure you the servers are not in Ukraine. Maybe he was mistaking UK for Ukraine instead of United Kingdom. Ukraine is abbreviated UA typically. I know the APIs can use servers in London and possibly other Western European cities, like Paris, for example.

Also, geolocation by IP address is highly unreliable as blocks of IPv4 addresses can be labelled as a different country than where the actual server is located.

You would have to reach out to sales about getting a dedicated server in the U.S for Datamailbox. They might be able to tell you if it’s something that’s already on the roadmap, and if not they could look into whether or not there is a market for it and if it is feasible when compared to demand.

I would also encourage you to check out the following link for more information about the security of the T2M Solution:

I checked the IP of the datamailbox, This IP does not appear on your server list.

It seems to be France.

The m2web API,

He is in London, on This IP does not appear on your server list too.

Other locations for the datamailbox or m2web API?
The customer uses .
So I understand that it is impossible with the Datamailbox API to be redirected to other countries like China/Africa/Australia/ukraine/russia even the United States. Correct ?

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No, the list you are referring to is the VPN servers list.

I believe Datamailbox ( is in England or France. I’m sure it would not be redirected, but I work for our Americas market unit, so I’m not involved in managing Talk2m or Datamailbox. The Ewon business unit is in charge of that. If this is a serious concern for you though, I would recommend either opening a case at so it can be escalated to BU Ewon, or contacting sales about your concerns.