Setpoint_Status Question

I have a question regarding the Intesis INBACMIT001I000. I am sending a SetPoint_command AO0 value of 10 degC but the SetPoint_status AI0 value only goes to 16 degC. I read that the SetPoint_status Minimum Present Value is 16. The client is requesting that the unoccupied heating setpoint be 10 degC as the zone is not occupied during the winter. I have changed the UnoccupiedHeatSetpoint AV4 to 10 degC but the Mitsubishi wall mounted thermostat shows 16degC setpoint. Can this be changed?

I will need to investigate this issue.

On the BACNET side what does it show for the assignment value?

Sounds good. Assignment value for which variable?

For the SetPoint_status AI0 status object in BACNet

It shows 16 degC

So the Unoccupied Heat Set point can be lowered to 10 degrees. The Set point status cannot be lowered below 16. The unoccupied HeatSet Point is a boundry that if the temperature drops below that value, the heat will turn on. Once the ambient Temperature rises above the setpoint, the heat will turn off. The Actual SetPoint object should not interfere with the Occupancy boundaries.

I see. Great thanks for the information. So just to clarify I have programmed the UnoccupiedHeatSetPoint to 10 degC and the SetPoint_command AO0 to 10 deg C as well so it should only heat to maintain that space temp regardless of the setpoint_status?

The SetPoint Status Command you will leave alone unless you need to modify the temperature at that moment. The Occupancy setpoints should not be altered, as it will turn off the occupancy feature.

Another feature the client is requesting is to lock the wall stat so that nobody can modify the occupied and unoccupied setpoints. I enabled the LockRemoteControl to be active but it seems changes can still be made.

That is an issue with the controller. The BACNET object should be locking the Wall controller, and not allowing changes to be made. The Intesis unit does not have the Logic do remove write positions if that RemoteLock is active.

Has there been any update to this issue?