Settings of "Firmware Manager II"

we use the “Firmware Manager II” with WIN10 to update the firmware of ABCC40 EtherCAT modules.

At every start of the program the network settings have to be set again. Unfortunately the program does not remember the settings.

Is there any way that the network settings are saved?

Many thanks in advance.

Regards, Jan

Hi Leink,

Can you provide some more details on this process you are going though? Is this only when you update the firmware or is this after each startup?

Hi Deryck,
thank you for your answer.

We use the programme in the production of our devices. We use it to check the firmware version of the ANYBUS module and perform a firmware update if necessary.

As I have already written, the network settings have to be set again after each restart of the programme. This is quite inconvenient, as attention must be paid each time to ensure that the correct network connection is selected.

It would be great if the programme could remember the network settings to avoid errors and save time.

My question is whether there is an option that I have overlooked that can be used to save the network settings. Or does the programme have to be used under special conditions (e.g. as admin)?

If this is not the case, are there plans to release an update that provides this feature?

Regards, Jan

I’ve got it :wink:

In the folder “C:\ProgramData\HMS\Firmware Manager II” is the file “settings.dat”. The settings are saved in this file after the programme is finished.

We had a problem with the access rights because the user who installed the programme is not the same user who works with it.

If you delete the file, it will be created again the next time the programme is closed, this time with the correct access rights.

Now it works.

Regards, Jan

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Glad to hear this worked out and appreciate the follow up with a solution. I have not heard of this issue happening before.