Siemens I-Device communication problem

Hello, I am using Bolt for Siemens I-Device communication between two PLC.
I had some problems at the beginning, now I configured the Bridge Mode as Layer 2 Tunnel and everything seems ok.
The connection is through Wlan, not Bluetooth.
Is that the correct way to configure the Bolt for Siemens I-Device communication?


I am not familiar with i-devices from Siemens. There are several ways to configure the bolts, but i typically recommend WLAN for Profinet. A few things to to consider is the protocol and thoughput. Assuming the device uses profinet you will need layer two traffic as the protocol relies on it. So using two bolts you would want bridge more. Profinet also has a high throughput requirement, the data rate may need to be adjusted for the IO devices. Bluetooth also limits the connection to a Net data throughput: ~1 Mbps.