Siemens S5 PLC connection with Ewon Flexy 205

How do you create a communication link between Ewon Flexy 205 and the Siemens S5 PLC…
I want to read the tags such that we can create a dashboard using ViewOn or any other dashboard utility

Here’s an overview of the capabilities with Siemens PLCs:

For S5, you’ll need to buy a serial card for your Flexy, then you’ll be able to add the IO server to read/write data. From there, you will be able to use those tags for viewON, M2Web, or Talk2M Visualization.


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You will use RS-232 on the Flexy serial card but the S5 isn’t RS-232. I would recommend using the RS-232 programming cable for the PLC for this connection.

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Thank you very much Jack

Do we have like a user manual for I/0 Sever setup, like the one you provided for linking with S7 1200 and Logix PLCs.
That would definitely help on that project


Check out this manual. S5 is on page 35.
rg-0007-00-en-reference-guide-io-servers.pdf (1.9 MB)

Before reading too much on the tag naming convention, try making a tag and the Ewon UI should help you kind of “build” the address piece by piece. There’s also a question mark in the upper left of the UI to explain more about the Ewon settings.


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@jack_hms are there any configs to be done on the S5 PLC. I am having challenged reading tags.

Find attached my tags including Status.

I managed to read tags.

Hi Damian,

I just found your post. What did you end up doing to get it working?

I had missed this part: