SLC 5/05 and Ethernet/IP adapters/gateways

Hello! Can all of Anybus devices with Ethernet/IP interface currently in production be connected to SLC 5/05? There’s very little information about SLC 5/05 application.

Hello! There’s very little information about SLC 5/05 application. We want to use the AB7649. Can we use it for slc 5/05?

Our documentation rarely mentions the specific processor because what is important is the protocol and software being used. If you are using Ethernet/IP and RSLogix this should work fine.

Сan this guide be used or not?
Using a HMS Anybus Ethernet Communicator with an Allen.pdf (867.7 KB)

Yes, we want to use Ethernet/IP interface and RSLogix 500.

No, that guide is for Eth/IP to serial. What version of RSLogix are you using?

For newer versions (20.1+) you would want to follow this guide and use the EDS file:

For older versions, you can add the AB7649 as a Generic IO device and follow this guide:

I have two SLC 5/05 with Ethernet/IP on one side and one S7-1200 on other side. I program SLC 5/05 in RSLogix500. But I have doubts that I can use AB7649 for my task.

You advised me manuals for RSLogix5000 but I need help for RSLogix500.

When I asked you question about AB7007 guide I mean configuration of Anybus Ethernet/IP interface side only and EEM instruction in RSLogix500. I understand the other side of AB7007 is serial interface. But I think I can use that guide for EEM instruction configuration for any Anybus devices with Slave Ethernet/IP interface in SLC 5/05 Ethernet/IP application. Or am I wrong on that?

OK, I didn’t understand that you were using RSLogix 500. In that case you are correct. You could follow those instructions to use the explicit msg instructions.

Thank you very much)

You’re welcome. Let us know if you have any other questions.

Hello !
Can you help me about AB7649 connect to RSLogix500 documents detail ? How to connect AB7649 & RSLogix500 by Ethernet/IP ?

It was a long time ago. I don’t remember the details.
Use this guide
See above for an explanation of its use.
I got the result I needed.