Slow to download / upload program to Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC


I have a Flexy 205 and it is currently set up to connect to an Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC on my workbench. The Flexy 205 WAN port is connected to AT&T NetGear Nighthwak LTE mobile hotspot router via an ethernet cable (cat6). I downloaded a program (10MB) to the CompactLogix PLC through Flexy 205 via eCatcher. The whole download duration took approximately 40 mins, which is very slow. I did some research and tried force TCP connection on both Flexy205 and eCatcher. But there is no improvement on download speed. Is there anything else that i can try to improve the PLC program download / upload speed to Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC? Below are the detail of the Flexy205 and my laptop setup. Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks.

Laptop with eCatcher app - on WiFi (see attached file “Laptop Wifi Talk2M Connection Checker log”
eCatcher setting: TCP (port 443)

Flexy 205: LAN port IP is
WAN port IP is
firmware: 14.5s1
VPN connection: Force TCP (port 443)
see attached backup log file after i performed a download.

CompactLogix PLC (5069-L310ER) IP:

Backup.etar.gz (26.9 KB)
eWON Flexy205 backup.tar (26.5 KB)
Laptop Wifi Talk2MConnectionCheckerLog.txt (170.2 KB)

Hello Herbert,

Remote uploads and downloads are slower with Alan Bradley. This is due to how their protocol connects remotely through the VPN. It has been an ongoing issue, and has been brought up to Alan Bradley. However, we do not have an substantial method to increase speed of the upload and download.

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Thanks Kevin.