Sm@rtClient windows software throws "SSL Handshake Failed" error a lot

Ewon Cosy 131 with latest firmware 14.6s0
Siemens TP1200 comfort panel V16.0.0.7

Using the Sm@rtClient software on a windows pc connected through eCatcher VPN we need to retry connecting a lot. Only after 5+ times it works otherwise “SSL Handshake Failed” or “Your connection has been rejected” messages.

The panel has already been set to factory defaults and is running the latest firmware.

Someone else has this problem too?

I haven’t seen this specific problem, but one thing I would recommend trying is changing the VPN tunnel from UDP to TCP.

  1. In the Ewon’s comcfg.txt configuration file (Setup > System > Storage > Edit COM cfg) change:
    VPNProto to 1
    VPNPortOut to 443
    Make sure to Apply and Save.

  2. In eCatcher ‘Connection and Proxy Settings’ (you must first log out of eCatcher then click ‘Settings’) change from ‘Auto Detect’ to ‘TCP’.

Please let me know if this makes a difference or not.

I tried what you mentioned but didn’t solve the problem.

Found that with Siemens panel images Upd 6 breaks it. When a colleague with lower version installed downloads and fits the panel then the Sm@rtClient works again through VPN
So it’s Siemens related…

Do you have a copy of or link to the release notes for that update?