SMS without using Relay

Hello, Distributor here - customer looking to force SMS from a cellular module and deliberately NOT use the SMS relay. Can this be done and what is the fee associated with doing so?

You can send SMS directly from the Flexy as long as you have a cellular plan that includes text messaging. It won’t work if you have a data only plan. There is no fee other than what you cellular provider charges.

Hi Kyle:

This is still an outstanding issue for the end customer. Levi here has been working with Andrew on a separate support case and was told that there is x number of messages free and then subsequently the user is charged.

We’re just looking for clarification on the following:




There is no fee (from HMS) to send SMS messages through you cell service provider. What you are referring to is the fee to use our email to SMS relay. I believe the fee for the SMS relay is 0.3 Euros per msg.


The bottom part of your email did not show up on the forum.

  • Is the use of the Talk2M SMS Relay free, regardless of Talk2M Free or Pro account?

No. There is a cost associated with email to SMS relay services, so we have pass the cost on to you after your first 50 free messages.

  • If not, what is the charge associated with use of the Talk2M SMS relay?

The cost is 0.3 Euros per message.